We are so glad we found Nate to teach our 2 kids Michael and Amber.

Both kids really look forward to their lessons and he has a fun energetic approach that really gets both kids into the lesson. I often hear laughter while I am waiting for them to finish. I am amazed with their progress and their dedication. I hope Nate continues to teach our kids for a long time.

Frances Colby January 12, 2012
We couldn’t be happier.

We couldn’t be happier and neither could the girls. They look forward to their lessons. My feeling, and that of Erin is that they were fortunate to have their first teacher for their beginning basics.

However, it was a blessing in disguise that she moved when she did. We know it was a definite benefit to the girls to switch to you because they are learning far more and thinking more creatively than they would have without you to guide them. We thought it would be a difficult transition, but the girls haven’t pined for Miss Robin at all. My mother, who has been visiting the last few weeks, is amazed at the progress they have made since she heard them play in November. Mom remembers practicing her chords and scales with loathing, but she thinks the way you do it along with the girls makes it much more fun for them.

I especially appreciate the way you approach Mackenzie and Shaelin.

They respond differently and learn differently, and it is great that you teach them differently. Shaelin is a perfectionist to the point that it can hold her back — so the improv is a great way to help her.

Mackenzie always thinks faster is best, so you’ve made the right decision in giving her pieces with lots of finger movements. It is apparent that you’ve put thought into the assignments.

As I explained at the beginning, what we want for them is to be happy playing the piano for the rest of their lives. It doesn’t matter how quickly they learn, or if they ever play for others. The only real goal is that it brings them joy. I know some weeks they are under prepared for their lessons because they don’t have enforced practices. But they sit down at the piano whenever they find a free moment and play because they want to, which is exactly what their mom and I had hoped for.

I hope you will continue to teach them for a long time to come.

Ginnie G. June 17, 2009
“Best Teacher Ever”, Taylor (age 10)

All I can say is WOW! Nathan has been a totally inspiring teacher and mentor to our 10 year old son. He is now in love with his keyboard and can’t wait until his next lesson. Thanks Nathan!

Taylor S. April 24, 2009
Very Happy 9-Year Olds!

The girls recently lost their beloved piano teacher and are adjusting to lessons with Nathan. As expected they are learning a new way to approach music. And they are loving it! Nathan brings a joy to the piano that is infectious, and he encourages creativity while teaching them new songs and drills. He relates well to both girls (twins with very different personalities.) We couldn’t be more pleased with the transition.

Ginnie G. January 12, 2009
Hi Nate, it’s Amy, Alden’s Mom.

He seems to be really enjoying the lessons and is playing his keyboards a lot. If there is anything I can do to help, let me know.

Alden M. October 29, 2008
My 16-year-old son enjoys his piano lessons with Nate and looks forward to them.

He is proud of his quickly-developing prowess on the piano and eagerly plays us the music he is learning.

Patty M. March 17, 2010