Nathan Prowse, LMC Music Director/owner


  • Beginning to advanced Piano (Classical, Blues, Jazz, Funk,Pop exe.)
  • Keyboards (on a Wurlitzer, Rhodes, Organ, Synthesizer)
  • Beginning Guitar
  • Music Theory
  • Recording

Nathan Prowse has been playing music since the tender age of 4, inspired and encouraged by a heavily musical family. Piano was  his first love, dabbled with drums and guitar, thou piano is the instrument he has fine tuned in skill. Growing up, he would accompany his parents in a variety of musical styles; his mom, the classical flutist, and his dad, the finger pickin’ rock and roll master guitarist. This early love of music was the drive behind becoming a professional musician.

Nathan studied music locally at the Santa Rosa Junior College, transferred to Sonoma State University when after a year he transferred to the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood on scholarship, earning a BA in music and a Certificate of Excellent Performance. He has been teaching for over eight years in private and group lesson settings. Nathan is a partner at the Live Musicians Co-op where he heads the music department. His teaching style is all about inspiring the student, teaching Bach to Rock, from Jazz to Jam to bring out the best in each individual.

“You teach the student the music that they want to learn, then they will want to know the theory behind it”

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Nick Simmons

As a teacher, I am able to draw from a diverse background of experiences and influences as I tailor each lesson to the students’ needs. Out of the Live Musicians Co-op in Santa Rosa, I am available to teach private or group lessons to students of all ages.  Along with teaching acoustic and electric guitar,  I also offer lessons in  bass guitar, piano, percussion and drums, charango (South American stringed instrument), various flutes, mandolin, ukulele, harmonica,  and a handful of other instruments that I have picked up while traveling.

Nick Hasty

Born with a natural ear for music, Nicholas Jarrell Hasty began learning piano at age six. His musical education continued with percussion, and wind instruments By the time Nicholas was 12, he began composing music using midi sequencing. Having grown up in times of escalating digital music technology, his aspiration for music has much influence from electronic/synthesizer based music. Educated in both classical and jazz methods as a performer and a composer, his compositions are diverse in style. Nicholas is an innovative composer/producer and performer with boundless musical capabilities who is continuously pushing the limits.

As a producer and performer, Nicholas currently collaborates with singers, songwriters, bands, musicals, and recording studios all around the San Francisco and North Bay Area. He is a music teacher for wind instruments and a tutor/consultant for music recording and production.

  • Saxophone
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Trumpet
  • French Horn
  • Vocal percussion/Beatboxing/Throat Singing
  • Live Looping

Dave Silva

Rock n Roll, Classical, jazz, Acoustic, and many other styles of Music lessons. I teach Private & Band classes with frequent student concerts. Lessons include Advanced Guitar, Vocals and Songwriting as well as beginning/ intermediate Bass and Piano.

I am a local Musician with a B.A. in Music from Chico State University and have over 15 years experience in private and youth band instruction for kids of all ages. I have launched and created many opportunities for my students and youth bands including Live Radio and Television performances. I love my job and feel like I do it well.

Phone: (530) 321-8094


Matt Power

Matt is a musician from Sonoma County who has a passion for performing, learning and teaching music.  He started music at an early age on the violin. After four years of study on the violin, he got a drum set on his 13th birthday, and has never looked back.

Matt has a Bachelor’s of Music in Jazz Performance from CSU Sacramento.  Matt has honed his skills on the drums with mentors Benny Barth, and Rick Lotter.   He has been privileged enough to have shared the stage with musicians such as Geoffrey Keezer, Tim Reis, Dave Pietro, Julian Lage, Mike McMullen, and Ian Scherer.

Currently Matt enjoys teaching private drum lessons and freelancing around the Sonoma County area.

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