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Live Musician's Coop

Located in the beautiful wine country of Sonoma County California the Live Musician's Cooperative or Co-op was started as a way for musician's to have an affordable place to rehearse and hone their craft. Since 2007 we have been helping North Bay Artists flourish.

We offer affordable hourly rate rehearsal rooms with a full backline of gear. That includes a drum set with 2 toms, 1 kick, a hi hat, with 2 cymbal stands, and a drum throne. We also have a guitar amp/cabinet in each room as well as a bass amp and full PA system with a microphone and cable. Additional mics, snare drums, and cymbal packs can be rented as well.

LMC Staff

Meet the Musicians

Michael England

Recording Engineer/Producer

Corbin Dallas

Rehearsal Manager/Asst Engineer
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We also offer monthly memberships?

Our monthly memberships offer you a set number of rehearsal hours every week as a premium service with booking priority. You'll also get discounts on recording. All for a much lower price than the normal hourly rehearsals.

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