Buying a membership at the Live Musicians co-op is buying your part of the studio and supporting the local music scene.  Members get priority booking, discounts on Recording and all their rehearsing needs met for a flat rate/month. Unfortunately, due to moving to a smaller location we WILL NOT be able to offer STORAGE for now.


For $225/month, you get 4 hours of “Prime Time” (M-F 6-10pm) and 8 hours of Non-Prime time(Any time except Prime time) per Week.

Schedule your band online just like scheduling hourly rehearsals but members are assigned a individual code so no payment is needed during checkout.

A Membership is on a INDIVIDUAL BASIS not on a Band basis meaning that the member must be present at time of rehearsal.

You can schedule your rehearsal on the first day of each month as far out as 2 months.

If you can’t make your scheduled rehearsal, please call or text manager to make schedule changes or cancel rehearsal to free up studio for other bands and members.

Please read terms and conditions for before rehearsing in studios.

Rock on, Thanks for your support.

LMC Staff.


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